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Michigan's New Protections for Domestic Violence Survivors

Those Convicted of Domestic Violence May Not Possess Firearms for 8 Years

Michigan's new domestic violence survivor protection law states that all those convicted of domestic violence related crimes may not possess firearms for 8 years after the completion of their sentence. The 8 years starts after the abuser has been released from prison or jail, completed probation or parole and has paid all fines. This applies to all felony and misdemeanor domestic violence convictions. The law is not retroactive.

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Mother and a Child

What Crimes Qualify?

Domestic violence is charged as many different types of crimes. The new law applies to the crimes below, if they are committed against a spouse, former spouse, dating partner (such as a girlfriend or boyfriend), ex dating partner,  person with whom the survivor has a child in common, or other resident of the household (such as a relative or housemate), no matter whether they are a felony or a misdemeanor:

-Assault or battery;

-Domestic assault;

-Breaking & entering;

-Vulnerable adult abuse;

-Destruction of property, home, or building;


-Harassing phone calls, texts, or other electronic messages.

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