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Become A Gun Violence Prevention
Community Educator!

EGVMI is recruiting 500 volunteer gun violence prevention community educators.  The job of an educator is to get the word out about our new gun violence laws at the grassroots.  Educators will go to their own schools, houses of worship, and local community events to make sure everyone knows about safe storage, extreme risk protection orders, and protections for domestic violence survivors.  Sign up here to attend our next training!


Ensure That Our New Laws Will Save Lives

People can't follow a law they don't know about.  If our new gun violence laws are going to live up to their full potential, we need to ensure that everyone in our communities knows about them.

That's why EGVMI has a comprehensive awareness strategy: including social media, bill boards and press reports.

Community educators are critical element of that strategy. We have to meet people where they're at.  Whether that's at a backyard barbecue, PTA meeting, or soccer practice, our volunteers will be there.

Sign up here to attend our next training!

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You don't have to be an expert

You just need to be passionate about the community and willing to talk to people.  EGVMI will provide you with the training, materials, and ongoing support.  For most situations, you just need to know the basics.

Sign up here to attend our next training!

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