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Universal Background Checks

Michigan now requires background checks for all gun sales, including those between private parties. 

Background checks prevent those who shouldn't have a gun, such as those with a disqualifying criminal record or mental illness, from obtaining them.

How do the new background checks work?

For most purchasers who buy their guns from a federally licensed firearm dealer, nothing will change. The dealer will run the background check at the point of sale for all firearms.

Background checks are now required for purchases made between private parties, for example from a non-professional dealer at a gun show, or between two members of a gun club.

Private parties have two options for performing the background check:

1) A federally licensed firearms dealer

Contact your local licensed firearms dealer. In general, you will need to bring the firearm to the store, and the dealer will perform the background check as if the buyer were purchasing from the dealer. Dealers may charge a fee.

2) Law enforcement

Contact your local police department or sheriff's office. They should be able to conduct a background check and provide a "permit to purchase." This is generally done on paper and does not require the firearm to be brought to the station.

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