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Pillars of Justice


The End Gun Violence Michigan has not yet decided which policies to support. First, we're going to research and listen. We want to understand what policies will have the most impact and have the greatest chance of success. Here are some of the ideas that we're considering.

Universal Background Checks

Right now in Michigan, background checks are required for all pistols sold through an authorized dealer, but not long guns, like assault rifles. If you're too dangerous to own a hand gun, why should you be able to own an AR-15?

Changing one word in Michigan's background check statute would close this loophole. Learn more.

School Application

Ban Guns in Government Buildings

In 2020, armed groups stormed Michigan's Capitol, terrifying legislators. Our democracy is in danger when extremists can bring guns into government buildings to intimidate our lawmakers. To this day, it is still legal to bring concealed weapons into Michigan's Capitol. Learn more.

Image by Andy Feliciotti

Ending Open Carry of Rifles and Long Guns

Michigan is one of a few states where it is legal to go about in public with an assault rifle or long gun openly on your person. No one needs to carry a rifle to go to the grocery store. Open carry for assault rifles and long guns is simply a way to intimidate others. Repealing open carry would not impact hunters or concealed carry permit holders. Learn more.

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Safe Storage of Firearms

Guns are the #1 cause of death for Michigan children. When parents don't lock up their firearms properly, children are the victims of accidental shootings, suicide, and school shootings. Safe storage laws require all firearms in a home with children to be securely stored. These laws dramatically reduce child firearm injury and death. Learn more.

Combination Lock

Red Flags Laws for Those in Danger of Self-Harm or Convicted of Domestic Violence

Red flag laws create a system to temporarily remove a person's access to guns when a judge determines that they have become a danger to themselves, the community, or, when they have been convicted of domestic violence. Learn more.

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