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Protect Domestic Violence Survivors from Armed Abusers

70 Michigan women and children are killed by their abuser with a gun each year. 

There are real lives behind this appalling statistic.

Maybe you heard the story of Amber Thomas, who was killed by her ex-boyfriend in Saline after leaving a nine year abusive relationship.

Or Andricka McIntosh, who was killed by her husband in the driveway of their home in Detroit on the morning of their divorce hearing.

Or the Tran family in Fruitport, whose members were shot and some killed by their husband and father after his wife filed for divorce.

Senator Chang’s SB 471 & 472 and Representative O’Neal’s HB 4945 & 4946 would bring Michigan in line with 31 other states and prevent those convicted of any domestic violence charge from possessing firearms for 8 years after the completion of their sentence.

Domestic violence escalates. Abusers often retaliate when a survivor finally gets the courage to leave, seek a restraining order, or report their abuse to the police. In these situations, if an abuser owns a gun, domestic violence becomes five times deadlier.

Michigan does prevent those convicted of felony domestic violence from possessing guns, but not misdemeanor DV. We know that the vast majority of DV is charged or pled down to a misdemeanor. That’s why we need to expand our laws to include all DV convictions.

This change would also bring Michigan into line with federal law. This is necessary because local police enforce domestic violence and gun laws, not the federal government.

Contact your legislator today!


35% of women killed by a gun in Michigan are killed by an intimate partner

(Michigan Violent Death Reporting System)

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Two thirds of mass shootings are related to domestic violence, usually men shooting their families.

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